How can consumers afford home theater seating in this poor economy?

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It comes as no surprise that entertainment is costly to American consumers. Amusement parks, live theater, restaurant dining, concerts, bars and nightlife, foreign and domestic travel – activities that have become some of this country’s favorite pastimes are luxuries that cost a pretty penny. Relaxation and enjoyment outside the home has become a burden for many households’ finances in the wake of the recent economic recession, so many are turning to the only logical thing left to do for entertainment – staying home.

21st century home entertainment is undoubtedly centered on electronics and media. From internet usage to music CDs and MP3s; computer and console gaming to DVD movies, a wealth of home-based entertainment options is already at the fingertips of many Americans. Because of the increased amount of time we are spending indoors, this is also where our entertainment dollars are going. According to home theater seating furniture e-retailer [COMPANY NAME], consumers are taking to the idea of creating their own entertainment havens in larger numbers than ever before.

“A $10-$25 DVD that can be enjoyed time and again is a much better budgetary option for a family of 4-5 rather than a movie at a theater considering ticket prices can be as much as $10 for a single showing at a major cinema,” explains [EMPLOYEE NAME, JOB TITLE of COMPANY NAME]. “Pitted against the high cost over time of even just one or two monthly visits to a public theater, staying home for a movie is the route to take.”

[COMPANY NAME] offers leather home theater seating at pricing that sits well with consumers who love to have a good time but are now trying to get more out of their hard-earned dollars. “Our customers calling to purchase our home theater seats often explain their plans to have parties in their homes for events such as movie nights, sports marathons, and even video gaming. A growing trend is women who enjoy getting together with their friends to watch weekly episodes of their favorite television shows, like “Lost” or “Project Runway” [EMPLOYEE NAME] says.

In addition to the state of the economy, with football season upon us and the Super Bowl quickly approaching, sales of Interior Express’s discount home theater seating have skyrocketed. “We’ve been seeing a recent increase in sales of our leather home theater seating – an increase that is not as large as that of our other furniture categories. We can see no other explanation for this trend,” [EMPLOYEE NAME] reports.

Like [COMPANY NAME,] some businesses are thriving in this down economy as more and more people find entertainment options at home, a sign that consumer habits are indeed changing in the wake of this recession. Cash-strapped families aren't exempt from a need to enjoy their downtime, but are undeniably being fiscally smarter about how they go about doing just that. An investment in home-based entertainment centered around home theater seating keeps the fun at the family's fingertips and their hard-earned dollars can be replayed and rewatched right in their living room.

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