How do I know if I am buying the right furniture for my family room?

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You have finally decided to do it. You are going to buy new furniture for the family room, the place where everyone gathers to watch TV and entertain friends, and the place where the last sofa took a real beating. How can you be sure that you are buying the right furniture for that room?

Choosing the most appropriate furniture for any room is not as difficult as it may seem if you just keep a few simple guidelines in mind. All rooms present their own particular furniture requirements in terms of style, color size and of course, function. They must all work together if the piece is to do what you want it to. The most beautiful chair or sectional is a poor choice if it is too big for the room. The perfect sized sofa is useless if the fabric will not hold up the the intended use or if the colors clash with the walls. Obviously it is not likely that you will find furniture that is perfect in every category, so first set your priorities and then start looking.

As a rule, it is a good idea to begin with size because that determines the traffic flow of the room. That is important. Can you use a sofa and loveseat or is a sectional a better choice. Maybe a sofa and comfy chair works best. Lay out the lines on the floor before shopping and take your measurements with you. If you leave enough room between each piece of furniture in the room, usually about three feet, and can walk around easily, you will be fine. Next is function, which includes durability. Buying the right furniture for a family room means choosing the quality of construction and fabric that will stand up to the type of abuse that killed your last sofa. Cheap furniture will not last; it is not intended to. Buy better quality. Select a fabric that will wear well and clean up more easily. Your salesperson can help with those questions.

Style and color are important to be sure but you will be far happier in the long run if any concessions you make are to these as opposed to the first two. Eclectic is always acceptable if necessary and can work fine with any decor. Many savvy designers actually prefer it in many contexts. If the size and function both rate high on the chart, be guided by that. Color is often an option, especially if you are buying better quality pieces. If not though, close is often close enough. Use throw pillows, accent pieces and other creative ideas to bring imperfect color matches into peaceful coexistence. You can do it. Remember, unless you have unlimited funds; your best is as good as anyone else's.

So you see; there really is no magic to buying the right furniture for any room. A little bit of common sense and maybe a dash of creativity is all you need to do a beautiful job

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